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Level 1 - Beginners Course


You do not need any precursory understanding of Swedish to enter this course.

We will cover the language from the very beginning starting with an overview lecture of the language, covering history, syntax, dialects, phonetics, melody and etymology.

We will work with two different series of books for this course: Mål 1 for students who want to focus on melody and pronunciation and is slower paced, and Rivstart A for students who are well versed in language studies, want to focus on vocabulary and a faster pace of learning.

By the end of the course you will be able to have a good footing with Swedish. Understand key phrases, words, greetings and be able to meet everyday life Swedish with a breeze.

Level 2 - Intermediate Course


In the intermediate course you are expected to have a basic understanding of Swedish to begin with.


We will cover more dialogue, more listening exercises, expand on your vocabulary through a range of topics and dive deeper into grammar exercises.

In this level we will use the second book in the series of either Mål or Rivstart (Mål 2 and Rivstart B1+B2). Additionally we will use the help of Form i Fokus B, one of the best grammar books on the market for Swedish. 

After this level is completed, you should feel confident in using Swedish with colleagues and friends conversing about a wide range of topics. You should also be able to follow light news from video broadcasts and newspapers.

Level 3&4 - Advanced Course


For the Advanced course, a communicative level is required to enroll.


In this course we will adjust mistakes and errors in grammar, pronunciation and further expand your vocabulary into a premier level that you may impress your colleagues, friends and business partners with.


In this level we will use a wide array of source materials. Ranging from novels, newspapers and television shows for analysis and listening comprehension. The course literature backbone and designated coursebook will be "Språkporten". Furthermore we will use Form i Fokus C for drilling grammar and "Svår Svenska - Slang och idiom i urval" as an addition to the course literature to further understand special phrases and expressions within the Swedish culture and language. We will practice argumentation and hold discussions, practice essay writing and rethorics.


By the end of the course, you will be a formidable language buccaneer, apt to write your own novels or hold seminars and presentations to an audience in awe.

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