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Swedish Course

Swedish Courses at normal pace contains 4 levels which starts from level 1-1 and ends with level 4-3. Each level is formed by 3 sub-courses. Each class room can hold max. 4 students. Below you can book your course(s) according to your need.


There are two ways to book them: 1, book a whole course  which includes 10 lessons/sessions and runs at a fixed time; (Notice that the current date and session hours marked in each course is an example. Send your preference of when you want to take a lesson in the message when you book your course or contact us for more advice.) 2,  book a single lesson (1.5 hour) from a course and you can choose when you want to take the lesson from the time slot.

You will find  the entry test for each course  to help you choose the right one. You can also find  the outlines of all courses here .

Besides the Intensive Swedish set, there is also  Intensive Swedish . Both sets cover exactly the same contents but with different work paces. They are meant to help you integrate better in the studying or working life in Sweden. They can also help you to apply for an higher education that requires a Swedish language certificate. When you finish level 4 from either of the set, you should be able to pass TISUS or Svenska 3/Svenska som andra språk 3 from a Swedish high school or komvux.

Book a whole course

Book a whole course

Write your preferred date and time to take the lessons in the message when you book a course. The current date and session hours marked in each course is an example. Tips: to keep a good studying pace and finish all the homework, it is recommended to take two lessons a week and leave a two-day-space in between each lesson. For instance, book the same hours on Monday & Friday each week. 

*Notice that all the prices are VAT exclusive. The VAT is 25%.  If you want to calculate the price including VAT please use this formula: price (excl. VAT) x 1.25 = price (incl. VAT).